DARKENU – An overview and commonly asked questions

What is DARKENU?

The State of Israel was established thanks to people with a vision. They were people with hope and faith in the State of Israel and all of its citizens to build a unique, awe-inspiring society and to live in freedom and peace. To establish a state that will be a source of vast pride for each and every one of us, and most importantly: to be both safe and free within our own country.

We have made great, historic strides in that mission, but we are not there yet. In order to fully transform this vision into reality, we must unite. We, Israel’s moderates must stand together and ensure that our nation goes in the right direction. In order to achieve the state that we dream of, we must create an expansive, moderate camp that works together to make this vision come true. If we don’t do it ourselves, no one will do it for us.

DARKENU is a movement that adheres to the principles that our forefathers and mothers dreamed of: a democratic country with genuine security and social justice, a country that is a national home for the Jewish people. A country that lives in peace with its neighbors and strives for a two-state solution in the framework of a political agreement that ends this conflict once and for all. A country that understands that this is the way to preserve the history and legacy we have inherited and are now the custodians of, and the only way to ensure our future in this land.

We are a grassroots movement and a movement that believes in action. We believe that it takes hard work, for an extended period of time, in communities nationwide. There are no shortcuts or gimmicks. We must not give up or despair. Just when the situation seems dire, we must act together to fulfill this vision. It is up to us.

What is the “moderate camp”?

The moderate camp is the majority in Israel. Men and women throughout the country, from all sectors and with diverse opinions, who care deeply about the country, read the news every morning, and are deeply concerned about the direction in which the country is heading. People who see the division, the extremism and the hatred, and are not willing to remain silent; people who remember that beyond the disagreements, arguments and conflicts, we are one nation and we have a mutual future in this country.

We in the moderate camp understand that we can no longer turn a blind eye and think that things will work out. We must act together to generate change. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. We look at the radicals leading us to a racist, violent, sectorial and divided society and understand that if we don’t unite, if we don’t take action, we will lose this country.

Our moderate camp is the State of Israel’s silent majority. And the time has come to take action. We are the people that we’ve been waiting for.

What is our vision?

דרכנו DARKENU endeavors for a State of Israel that upholds the following principles:

  • A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Fulfillment of Israel’s founders’ dream: Israel as a nation state of the Jewish People, and a democratic state for all its citizens.
  • Social justice and civil solidarity.
  • Eradication of all forms of racism and discrimination.

Who founded DARKENU?

During the 2015 election in Israel, the V15 movement was established, and formed a partnership with OneVoice Israel, which worked to promote a two-state solution. Our shared mission was to mobilize moderate Israelis so that they got out to vote on Election Day, and ensure that moderate Israel’s voices were heard. Together, we knocked on over 250,000 doors, signed up over 180,000 Israelis, mobilized over 15,000 volunteers, and created Israel’s largest movement of moderates.

Following the election, we travelled the length and breadth of the country, speaking to the thousands of people who had joined the campaign. One thing became clear very quickly: our activists and volunteers wanted to continue the mission, and to harness the energy and expertise generated during the election in order to strengthen the forces of moderation in Israel.

As a result the thousands of Israelis who made up OneVoice and V15 joined together, and DARKENU—meaning “our way” and also “through us” — was born. We are now working as a team with volunteers representing all aspects of Israeli society to ensure Israel represents the values of the moderate majority.

Who funds our work?

DARKENU is supported by private contributions from Israeli citizens, and from supporters of Israel in the diaspora, all of whom are committed to the strengthening of Israel’s moderate core. The movement receives no government allocations in Israel or abroad and all our resources are from private individuals and supporters of Israel. We need support from people like you to help us continue the work – please consider making a donation now, either directly here in Israel or via our partners in the United States and Europe.

How do I join?

Thanks for asking: our registration form is below. We operate in various branches on a national and local level. Once you have registered you will receive updates and news about our programs and activities and you will be invited to take part in events across the country.