Who finances Darkenu?

You do!

No foreign governments, no political parties: just us and you. Israelis and committed supporters of Israel, all of whom love the country, know that it could be better here, and who want to play their part in making that happen.

Today, we call on every one of you to come and be shareholders in a movement that represents all of us.

The Darkenu movement, which is a fusion of V15 and OneVoice Israel only takes contributions from Israelis and Israel’s friends in the US and Europe. We have thousands of paying members across the country, giving what they can afford— and we would love you to join!

Thanks to supporters such as you, we are able to reach hundreds of thousands of Israelis,give them the training and resources necessary to make a difference, and help amplify the voice of the moderate camp: Israel’s largest group, but not always its loudest.

Our Vision:

Darkenu strives for a State of Israel that upholds the following principles:

  • A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Fulfillment of Israel’s founders’ dream: Israel as a nation state of the Jewish People, and a democratic state for all its citizens.
  • Social justice and civil solidarity.
  • Eradication of all forms of racism and discrimination.

If you live in Israel, please register now to become a partner. Every single donation— no matter how small— makes a difference and helps to build our movement.

Our partners in the United States and Europe also process donations on our behalf. If you live outside of Israel, please click here  for more information on how to provide much-needed support to Israeli moderates.